What’s The Best Way To Plan UGC Scripts?

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Here is a general guide to follow when planning your UGC content if it doesn't already have a 'theme'.

  1. Call out Audience - this is the hook, get them to stop scrolling in the first 3 seconds

  2. Call out Problem - what’s the problem that the product solves? Say it in a relatable way that targets the right audience

  3. Call out Solution - how does this product solve the problem? Highlight the USPs

  4. Call to Action - get them to convert into customers!

Ultimately, it's important to understand that there is no single perfect formula for ad creative. Every industry is different, and every brief will have different requirements to convey the key message!

The common theme among high-converting UGC is authenticity. Your script should be true to you, spoken in your own voice, complete with all its personality! One way to think of it is having a script that sounds like you are speaking to a friend or family member over FaceTime.

If you would like a second pair of eyes to look over your script, get in touch :)

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