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Here is an overview of how campaigns through Twirl work for creators. All in all, the total time from Job live to Project closed is 2 weeks. When you apply for a project and especially when you confirm a project, please factor all of this in.

  1. Apply for job - Brands review applications and select a creator. Selection ideally occurs within 3 days, depending on the number of creators needed.

  2. Pending Confirmation - Selected creators have 24 hours to confirm availability and commitment to the brief.

  3. Shipping Product - Brand is notified to deliver the product, taking up to 3 days for arrangement. Then the product is on its way, expected within 5-7 days. Creators confirm receipt via Twirl when delivered.

  4. Submission Required - Creators begin crafting content, with a 5-day timeframe from product delivery, including weekends.

  5. Pending Approval - If submitted before 5 pm, Twirl team reviews and delivers to the brand on the same day. The brand then has 7 days for review.

  6. Requested Revision - If revisions are needed, creators have 48 hours to complete and re-upload to Twirl.

  7. Completed - Brand approval within 48 hours triggers a payout on our side.

For payments, see our payments article.

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