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1a. Awaiting Creator Selection - Brands Review Your Application
1a. Awaiting Creator Selection - Brands Review Your Application

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Selection Process: Brands meticulously review applications to choose the ideal creator for the job. The selection usually happens within 3 days, taking into account the number of creators required.

Evaluation Criteria: Applications are considered based on the suitability of your portfolio to the brief. If you've added comments, brands rely on key information shared here to assess your suitability. The goal is to ensure a genuine connection to the pain points and the ability to bring the brief to life.

Important Checks: Ensure you double-check the age category specified in the brief. If it's different from your actual age, confirm that you can convincingly pass for that age. Additionally, double check that your portfolio videos are loading correctly.

Additional Information Requests: Some briefs may request extra information such as child ages, favorite colour, or car model. Keep an eye out for these details and include them promptly. Providing this information swiftly streamlines the selection process and avoids unnecessary back-and-forth.

Application Outcome: If your application is rejected, you will receive an email by the end of the week, and your application will be archived. While feedback is not provided at this time, don't be discouraged from applying again. Each opportunity is unique, and your next success might be just around the corner!

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