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Do I Need to Have A Following Online?
Do I Need to Have A Following Online?
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You do not need a following on your public social media pages to collaborate with brands on Twirl. The number of followers you have does not impact your eligibility to work with a brand.

The social handles you provide to Twirl (e.g., Instagram and TikTok) are not publicly shared on your Twirl profile. We request this information during the application stage to assess your content creation skills, especially if you don't have an existing portfolio. This information is retained in case a brand is interested in whitelisting any UGC for creators with public profiles.

We now offer whitelisting, where you, as a creator, post the UGC on your public social profile, and the brand boosts it as an ad. In most cases, the number of followers you have is not a significant factor.

Brands will explicitly mention in the project brief if whitelisting is part of the campaign. If there are specific follower requirements, the brief will instruct you to share this information when applying to enhance your chances.

For whitelisting, you will receive a separate payment from the project payout. This will be processed separately via Lumanu, offering £100 for one post (on TikTok and/or Instagram), and the ad will run for 30 days only.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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