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2. Pending Confirmation - You’ve Been Selected!
2. Pending Confirmation - You’ve Been Selected!

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Confirmation Process: Selected creators have a 24-hour window to confirm their availability and commitment to the brief.

Notification and Brief Review: Upon selection, an automated email prompts you to confirm the job. This serves as your final opportunity to thoroughly review the brief and ensure you can fulfill the project. Feel free to ask any questions during this phase to clarify expectations.

Communication Importance: While questions can be asked as the project progresses, key details should be clarified from the start to prevent disappointment later on. If, for any reason, you're unable to fulfill the brief and still proceed with video creation, compensation cannot be guaranteed, aligning with the creator agreement.

Availability Check: Confirm your availability for the next 14 days, considering shipping time (up to 7 days), content creation time (5 days), brand review (additional up to 7 days), and potential revision time (3 days).

Location Consistency: In rare cases, reshoots may be necessary. Ensure you're in the same location to maintain consistency. While clients may be lenient in some cases (say, you do go on holiday), it's advisable to avoid any inconvenience. If necessary, it's acceptable to decline a job without impacting your standing on Twirl or with the brand.

Address Confirmation: Upon confirmation, your address is shared with the brand. Double-check that it is accurate.

No Physical Product Involved: If no physical product is involved, the status will automatically change to 'Submission Required', signaling the start of content creation. Begin promptly to adhere to the project timeline.

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