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Revision Request Policy

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Of course, every project has it’s own nuances so please don’t feel limited to this! Always reach out if you’re unsure about something or would like advice on how to best communicate the request to the creator to achieve your desired outcome.

Allowed within a revision request:

  1. Adjustments to the existing content: Customers can ask for changes to the content received from the creator to align it better with their expectations.

  2. Re-recording voice-overs: Creators can re-record voice-overs if necessary to improve the quality of the audio or to better match the brand's requirements.

  3. Editing scenes: Creators can be asked to edit scenes to make them shorter or rearrange clips for better flow or coherence.

  4. Re-shooting specific sections: If there's a section that's fundamentally wrong, in certain cases, the brand can request the creator to re-shoot specific sections of the content if they feel that the initial footage did not meet their expectations.

Not allowed within a revision request:

  1. Complete re-shoot: Customers cannot ask the creator for a complete re-shoot of the content unless there are significant issues like poor lighting, framing, not following the script, wrong footage framing, or if the content is too long or too short. These fundamental issues are exceptions and may warrant a reshoot.

  2. Off-brief changes: The customer cannot ask the creator to make changes that are completely off-brief and were not part of the original expectations. It would be unfair to penalise the creator for not delivering something that wasn't initially briefed.

If the customer asks for changes that were not part of the original brief, Twirl is happy to ask the creator to do them, but it is up to the creator to accept/reject. Depending on the creator's perspective, this may include additional compensation if the new request significantly deviates from the original scope.

Any ‘additional compensation’ would be an additional variation, which you can purchase for £60 via Twirl.

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