Adding a Discount to your Popup

Include a discount for your new subscribers. Let Tydal Popups generate a unique code for each new user, or add your own code from Shopify.

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Adding a Discount to your Popup

Encourage engagement and incentivize signups by adding a discount to your opt-in popup form. With Tydal Popups, you can add a unique, automatic discount code for each new subscriber, or use your own discount code that you've created in Shopify.

Rivo Popup's discount options

From the dashboard, go to Opt-in Popup > Modal. Under Coupon Code you will see three options

  1. No coupon - Checking this means your customers will not receive a discount code when they sign up.

  2. Discount coupon - Enabling this option adds a unique discount code β€” generated by Tydal β€” for each new subscriber. The customer will get the code once they click the button to subscribe. Discounts generated by Tydal Popups begin with BA- followed by a random string of letters and numbers. There are two types of discounts:

    1. Fixed - A fixed amount deducted from the total e.g. $5 off.

    2. Percentage - A percentage of the order total e.g. 10% off.

    3. You can add an expiration to these discounts by selecting Set expiration on discount and entering a number of days. This is the number of days the discount will remain valid once it is generated - after this time it expires and will be unusable.

  3. Enter code manually - With this option you can add a discount code that you have created in your Shopify admin to the Popup. Learn more about this with Shopify's guide to creating discounts.

πŸ’‘ Pop Tip: Fine-tune your Popup texts to reflect what kind of discount option you're offering. Advertise your discount if you offer one!

Once a user has successfully subscribed, you can choose to display their discount code on a sticky bar at the top of the page. Under Sticky Coupon Bar, below the discount options, select Show and enter in the text you would like displayed on the bar. The sticky bar will be displayed until the customer copies the code to their clipboard or dismisses it by clicking the 'X' close button.

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