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Creating and editing Venues/Groups and Teams
How do I add or remove a Venue/Group/Class/Department Manager?
How do I add or remove a Venue/Group/Class/Department Manager?

Need someone to help assign training, create playlists, and more? Add them as a Manager from the Venues/Groups/Classes/Departments page.

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When you sign up to Typsy you can choose whether to organize your members into Venues or Groups. In this instance, we have chosen to use the Venues option.

In this article, we'll use the word Venues, but in your account, you may be using Groups, Classes, or Departments. If your account is optimized to use Groups, Classes, or Departments, you can still follow the steps below.

Check out this quick video on adding a Venue Manager!

There are two different ways to edit your Venue

Member details

1. Go to the Account tab and click Members.

2. Select the Member you would like to edit.

3. Under the member’s profile, click Edit.

4. a. To add a manager: Tick the checkbox next to the Venue/Group name.

4. b. To remove a manager: Untick the checkbox next to the Venue/Group name.

5. Click Save.

Venues Page

1. Go to Venues (on the top navigation bar).

2. Select the Venue you would like to update.

3. Select Actions at the far right.

4. Select Edit Venue.

5. Scroll down to Managers.

6. a. To add a Manager: Type the name of the member(s) you’d like to manage the group (the member must already be in the group).

6. b. To remove a Manager: Click the X next to their name.

Typsy tip:

Each Venue can have more than 1 Manager and Members can belong to multiple Venues.

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