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Typsy Manager features explained
Typsy Manager features explained

Tips and tricks to help you from set-up to assigning training.

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Typsy account permissionsAccount Admin? Manager? Member? Find out what you get access to on the Typsy platform.
Engagement handbookYour members are on Typsy, now it's time to get them engaged!
How do I toggle between Manager and Member view?Assign training and track team progress in the Manager profile. Complete training and keep a record of your progress in the Member profile.

How do I assign training to my members?Pick and choose content to send out to your members to watch. 
How do I archive training?Make a mistake when assigning training and need to delete the training from your members' view?
Can I edit the training I’ve assigned?Update training you've already assigned via the Assigned training report.
Can I change the name of a training item?
How do I use the assess feature in the training report?If you are doing in-person training, you can mark a skill as assessed in Typsy.
How do I create a Playlist?Learn what a Playlist is and how to curate one from the Custom playlists page under Training.
How do I edit a Playlist?Playlists can always be added to, reordered, or even shortened by removing content, even after they've been made 'active'.
How do I assign a Playlist?Curated a Playlist and need to let your team know it's ready to view? Assign a Playlist from the Assign training page under Training.
How do I archive a Playlist?Not happy with the playlist you created? Follow these steps to delete it.
How will my members be notified that I have assigned them training?When you assign training to your members we send them a few nudges to let them know.
How do I send additional reminders to my staff to complete their training?Need to give your staff a little nudge nudge to complete their training? You can send a reminder via the Assigned Training Report.
What happens if I assign my members training that they have already completed?