Venues and Groups are used interchangeably on Typsy. When you sign up to Typsy your account will automatically be set up to use Venues. If you would prefer to use Groups, please contact our Customer Success team.

If your account is optimized to use Groups, you can still follow the steps below. Please note, only Account Admins can create a Venue/Group.

Check out this quick video on venues and groups!

To create a Venue/Group:

1. Go to Venues/Groups (on the top navigation bar).

2. Go to 'Add venue' or 'Add group'. 

3. Search for your Venue on the Google Map or manually give a 'Name' and 'Type' to your Venue.

4. Set the Venue or Group as Active.

  • An 'Active' Venue or Group will be accessible straight away.

  • A 'Draft' Venue or Group will be accessible to edit but you cannot add new members or assign training.

  • An 'Archived' Venue or Group will be hidden from view.

5. Select if you would like to receive a weekly report showing how your Venue or Group members are tracking with their Typsy learning.

*This will also send a weekly report to any group/venue managers.*

6. Select 'Create'.

Typsy tip:

Would you like to switch the term 'Venues' on your Typsy account to 'Groups' or vice versa? Contact our Customer Success team via help chat.

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