Skills credits are credits that you earn upon completion of a skill-based lesson.

Typsy skill credits are a great way to keep track of what you have completed in each content category.


You can view which skill credits you have earned in two ways:

in the Summary Overview and in a Detailed-list view.

Summary Overview

1. Go to the Member site.

2. Select 'Summary' (under 'Achievements' in the navigation bar).

3. Scroll down to view how many skill credits you've earned, broken down by category.

Detailed-list view

1. Select 'Skills credits' (under 'Achievements').

2. Click on the 'Skill credits earned' box.


You can view which skill credits you and your team have earned in two ways:

through the Dashboard and through Reports.


1. Go to your Managers area

2. Go to your 'Dashboard' (click the Typsy logo)

3. Select the 'Total skill credits' box


1. In the Managers area select 'Reports' (in the navigation bar)

2. Click the 'Skill credits report' box

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