Before you can take a quiz, you must first watch every lesson in a course.

Confused about the difference?

Learn about the difference between a course and lesson here

A course quiz will only be accessible from your Member account and once all the videos in the course have been watched to completion. Watching the first two lessons and the final two lessons of a course will not trick Typsy into unlocking the assessment. Nice try!

Once you pass a quiz and earn a certificate, you cannot re-take the quiz. If you do not pass on the first time, you can retake the quiz again until you pass.

Check out this quick video on Quizzes!

There are three ways to access the quiz

1. From the course page

After you have completed watching the final lesson in a course, click 'Take quiz'.

2. From the reports page

1.  Sign into your Member account.

2. Click 'Course progress' (under Reports).

3. Click 'Take the quiz!' next to the course you would like to finish.

While scrolling through the Discover courses page, click 'Earn Certificate'.

Typsy tip:

If you have more than one browser window open with multiple lessons playing at one time Typsy will not include the lesson completion in your watch count. 

If you are using the Typsy app and open another application while a lesson is playing, the lesson will automatically pause until you come back.

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