How do I invite my members via an Activation code?

Members not receiving our Typsy invite email? Create an Activation code to get them setup in minutes.

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💡 Tip: Only Account Admins have access to this feature. Find out more about Typsy’s account permissions here.

No time to fill out a spreadsheet or manually add all your members to Typsy? Don't worry - you can now have your members sign themselves up into your Typsy account using activation codes.

To create an activation code

1. Go to Settings under Account.

2. Click the Activation code tab.

3. Click Create.

4. Select which Venue/Group and Teams are available for your members to choose from when using the Activation code.

5. Select an expiry date (the date the code will no longer work) and the number of times the code can be used.

6. Click Create to finalize your Activation code.

7. You can now share the Activation code with your team. Each team member will need to go to the Activation code sign-up page and follow the steps to gain access to your account.

Either copy and share the Activation code with your team or download and print a poster with a unique QR code associated with the activation code! When your members sign up using the Activation code, they will be added straight into your account and appear under Members under Account.

To help your members get started with their Activation code, find out how they use them here.

Typsy tip:

Please be careful when sharing the 'Manager' activation codes as that will allow a member to register as a Venue/Group manager within your organization. Learn about user permissions here.

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