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Troubleshooting audio & video issues on the Typsy mobile app
Troubleshooting audio & video issues on the Typsy mobile app

Having issues watching a Typsy video via our mobile app? Read up on our troubleshooting tips.

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Determine if your environment is causing the issue

Try watching another Typsy video to determine whether your mobile device, settings, or internet connection may be causing the problem. If you’re able to watch other videos without any problems, this indicates there is a technical issue with the original video and not your environment. Please contact us so our team can investigate further and report the issue.

If you’re encountering playback issues with other Typsy videos, please follow the troubleshooting steps below. 

Troubleshooting video loading issues (ie: the video keeps loading/buffering, you see a blank screen)

If you still encounter issues while watching other Typsy videos, then this indicates there’s an issue with your device, settings, or internet connection. 

You may be viewing the video with a slow internet connection or a weak cellular signal. Please try the following:

  • Reduce the video streaming quality to play the video in a lower resolution. You can do this by clicking on the Settings icon on the video player and selecting 'Quality'

  • Restart your device and your modem/router if you’re on a WiFi network to see if your internet connection improves

  • Turn mobile data off, wait ten seconds, and then turn it back on

If you still continue to experience playback issues after trying the steps above, please do the following:

  • Restart the Typsy app

  • Delete the Typsy app from your device and reinstall it

Typsy tip:

Videos will not be marked as saved if you skip through the video, close the video, or open another tab while the video is playing.

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