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What courses does Typsy offer that are related to Covid-19 and how do I find them?
What courses does Typsy offer that are related to Covid-19 and how do I find them?

We're supporting the strong and safe return to hospitality operations with our COVID-specific content.

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We have launched a global effort to help keep people engaged and connected with hospitality during these unprecedented and difficult times.

Access the full Typsy learning library for free including courses designed to accelerate the return to safe and profitable operations as we emerge from COVID-19-related restrictions.

Our COVID-19-specific content includes

1. A COVID-19 responsibility & service tips course
This course focuses on the impacts of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry, measures that you can take to support each other, and how to be innovative throughout this unusual and challenging working situation.

This course focuses on practical strategies to consider when restarting your business. You’ll explore best-practice strategies for post-COVID-19, including how to engage guests and staff, how to rebuild workplace culture, and more.

This course focuses on cleaning and hygiene standards designed to mitigate risk and increase safety during the post-COVID industry recovery period.

This course focuses on how to adapt and implement new industry norms and service practices to ensure a great service as well as maintain your guests’ safety.

This course focuses on how to reduce the risks of exposure to infectious diseases, how to break the chain of infection, and how to use chemicals safely to avoid cross-contamination, including when and how to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

This playlist has been specifically built to help managers locate information that will help their members understand what they can do to decrease the spread of Coronavirus.

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