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What are the 'Typsy recommends playlists' and how do I use them?
What are the 'Typsy recommends playlists' and how do I use them?

We've compiled a range of onboarding playlists you can assign to your members to help them get started on Typsy.

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The 'Typsy recommends playlists' are a combination of Typsy lessons, and mentor sessions, that have been hand-selected by the Typsy team. These playlists cover a range of topics designed for new hires and new starters in the hospitality industry.

You are able to assign these playlists to your members at any time. Read our top tips below when it comes to using these playlists.

What are the 'Typsy recommends playlists'?

The 'Typsy recommends playlists' have been designed to provide new hires into the hospitality industry skills to help them hit the floor running. Each playlist includes key information for specific roles as well as health and safety knowledge that will keep employees and guests safe.

Each playlist is super short and has been numbered from 1 up to 8. These numbers signify the order in which we recommend Typsy users watch these playlists.

The 'Typsy recommends playlists' focusing on essential knowledge all hospitality workers should know including:

  • Welcome to hospitality.
    These playlists cover essential topics including the impact of smiling, the guest experience, mental health, teamwork, and more.

  • Safety at work.
    These playlists cover key workplace and safety topics including personal protective equipment, hygiene, and identifying and preventing hazards.

The 'Typsy recommends playlists' focusing on specific roles found within a range of hospitality venues including:

  • Management and leadership
    These playlists cover key management topics including effective communication, diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, and time management.

  • Housekeeping

    These playlists cover key housekeeping topics including workplace health and safety, security tips, housekeeping equipment, making a bed, and cleaning rooms.

  • Kitchen
    These playlists cover key kitchen and culinary topics including kitchen tools, mise en place, kitchen communication, HACCP, and managing stress.

  • Front desk
    These playlists cover key front desk topics including preparing for arrivals, welcoming guests, active listening, and personalizing the customer experience.

  • Bartending
    These playlists cover key bar topics including essential bartending tools, dealing with intoxicated guests, opening wine bottles, pouring beer, and teamwork.

  • Wait staff and servers
    These playlists cover key wait staff topics including interacting with guests, carrying multiple plates, clearing a table, serving guests with food allergies, and making recommendations.

How do I use the 'Typsy recommends playlists'?

1. From the Manager site, go to Discover then click Playlists.

2. 'Typsy recommends playlists' sit at the top of the Playlists page. Click the down arrow on the 'Typsy recommends playlists' banner to open the playlist library in full.
Each playlist is short and has been numbered from 1 up to 8. These numbers signify the order in which we recommend Typsy users watch these playlists.

3. Select one of the playlists you would like to assign. You will also be able to see what content is included in the playlist, as well as read a short description of the topics covered.

4. Click Copy to my playlists to add it to your custom playlist library.

'Typsy recommends playlists' must be added to your custom playlist library in order to be assigned to your members.

Please note, that it may take a few minutes for the playlist to appear in your custom playlist library.

5. Follow the 'How do I assign a Playlist' steps found here.

When should I use the 'Typsy recommends playlists'?

We recommend using these playlists when the content is essential for new members added to your account. For example, many Typsy users find these playlists helpful for onboarding training for new hires, or introducing new members to the hospitality industry to key service and/or health and safety topics.

Our top do's and don'ts

Do: Use auto-assign for onboarding training, so that new members receive this right away.

Do: Archive the playlist when you are ready for it to stop auto-assigning.

Don't: Set a due date, as this date may have already passed when the member is added to your account.

Don't: Compile multiple playlists into one playlist. Playlists work best when they can be watched in a manageable timeframe. You are better off assigning multiple playlists (with a few items) than one playlist with hours of content.

Typsy tip:

Typsy users often assign the 'Typsy recommends playlists' out weekly. For example, a manager may assign one of the four Leading Teams Level 1-4 playlists each week over a four-week period.

Week 1: Leading Teams Level 1

Week 2: Leading Teams Level 2

Week 3: Leading Teams Level 3

Week 4: Leading Teams Level 4

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