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How do I whitelist Typsy as an email provider?
How do I whitelist Typsy as an email provider?

We recommend you whitelist our emails so you never miss an update!

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To whitelist an email address means you add them to your approved senders list. This tells your email client that you know this sender and trust them, which will keep emails from this contact at the top of your inbox and out of the junk folder.

Below are instructions on how to ensure that future Typsy emails get delivered straight to your inbox. We recommend whitelisting both (for account and subscription notifications) and (for newsletters, system updates, and more).

Apple Mail Whitelisting (OS X and iOS devices)

Both Apple Mail on OSX and Mail on iOS devices have a similar process for adding senders to Contacts.

To whitelist an email, open an email from Typsy and select the From, or Reply-to on the email message, then choose to “Add to Contacts” or “Add to VIPs.” Whitelisting

After opening a Typsy email message, an alert message should display with, “Parts of this message have been blocked for your safety.” Beneath this, click the link with, “I trust Always show content.”

Yahoo! Mail Whitelisting

Open a Typsy email message, and a “+” symbol should display next to From: and Typsy's name. Select this and an “Add to contacts” pop-up should appear. Select “Save”

Gmail Whitelisting (Webmail and mobile)

Getting all future emails from Typsy to appear in the “Primary” tab (instead of “Promotions”, or elsewhere) is a quick, two-step process.

First of all, drag-and-drop the Typsy email message from beneath the tab it’s currently filed under, to the “Primary” tab.

Once done, a message alert will appear with, “This conversation has been moved to Primary. Do this for all future messages from” Select “Yes".

Android Whitelisting (Default client)

On Android devices, open a Typsy email message and touch the picture of the sender that displays before the message. Tap “Add to Contacts.”

Company email address Whitelisting

If you are using a company email address, please reach out to someone at your company IT department who can whitelist Typsy for the entire organization.

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