What does invitation status mean?

Find out what your members invitation status means here.

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Invitation status provides you with the status of your members' access to Typsy.


The member has received their Typsy invite and joined your organization's workspace.


If you use an integration to access Typsy, your members will not have an invitation status. Instead, members who have access to your account will show as 'auto-provisioned'.


The member has been sent an invitation but has not yet accepted the invite. This member will not be contacted by Typsy again until they accept the invite by clicking on the 'Claim account' button in their email. They will also not receive any assigned training notifications until they have accepted their Typsy invite.

Pending (Bounced)

The member has not received their Typsy invite due to an issue with their email address. You can view all bounced emails in the Member status report under the Bounced email tab.

Not invited

The member has not been sent their Typsy invite. You can bulk invite members to your account via the Bulk invite page.

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