Tyto Online was created as an online game where students can play together. This encourages cooperative, social learning.

Right now, in-game learning experiences are largely single-player focused, while they can socially compare. We are working on group problem solving experiences currently with support from the National Science Foundation, called Expeditions.

The social features currently in the game:

  • Students can see each other and emote to each other (wave, nod, etc.);

  • Students can customize their character's appearance and clothing (important for identity as a scientist and feeling connected to the character);

  • Students can decorate their apartment, but other students cannot enter it (they can just show them screenshots or on their screen).

  • Chat is currently not supported in-game

Chat is currently not supported in game: [As a teacher, you are welcome to turn off chat if it is distracting in your classroom. We'll build a way for you to do this yourself, but for now, just use the chat anywhere across the Tyto Online website and let us know and we'll take care of that for you.]

To read more about the safety and security features of our chat, please go to this link.

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