How do I create a class?
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Create the Class

To create a class, first head to the "Manage Classes" part of your Teacher Dashboard. The quick link is here:

Or you can find it in the sidebar, here:


Here, you can select to create a New Class. If you already have classes, scroll down and this will be below your existing classes.


A popup will then ask you to give the class a Class Name, Course/Subject, and optional Description.

Keep in mind that each class is organized by Course/Subject, so that content can be assigned to all students of the same subject instead of one at a time per class. This is really handy for when you’d like to distribute the same content to all classes within a certain subject.


You will need to type into the Course/Subject field to create a new one. After that, it will show up on the drop-down to create other classes under that Course/Subject.

Add Students to the Class

But, what’s a class without students? There are three ways to add students that the Dashboard will let you choose from (or even mix between).


Want more instructions on how to add students with any of those methods? Read more:

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