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How do my students register with a class code?
How do my students register with a class code?
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Start on the class you want to add students to

First, you will need to have created a class. If you don't know how to do that, read this article.

Enter the class you want to edit by clicking on it from your Manage Classes tab.


Give Students their Registration Code

Select the registration code option for adding students. Turn your class code registration to "ON" and it will provide you instructions:


All you need to do is give students the class code and tell them to go to and register with that code. It will automatically add them to this class with an auto-generated username and password for each individual student.

NOTE: Students will only need this code when they first register, or when they first join your class if they already have an account. We recommend turning it off after you have verified all students have created one account/joined your class.

What does the process look like for students?

When your students go to, this is what they will see:


If this is their first time playing Tyto Online, they simply need to fill out the quick form, with your class code, and they will go ready to go! This is the ONLY time they will need the class code, so if they ask for it again, they may be trying to re-register because they forgot their username and password.

If they already have an account, they can also log in and add the registration code to add themselves to your class and keep their existing account.

Please note that students will only be able to reset their passwords on their own if they enter an email address. If they forget their passwords and did not, you will need to reset them for them. Read more about that here.

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