Storylines are a sequential series of quests designed to build on students' understanding towards a bundle of standards. They are essentially pre-built storylines as recommended with the NGSS. The purpose of storylines is to enable cohesive learning for students. They should always be able to answer the question of why they are learning something, and orient their learning therefore around solving problems and answering important questions!

When assigning Storylines from the Learning Dashboard, you can either assign quests from the Storyline individually or an entire Storyline at once. To find out more, go here.

On the Learning Dashboard, you can view all the Storylines that are available for our various Modules.

For example, let’s look at this Storyline from the Growth & Genetics Module:


This Storyline is “Feeding the Population" and has a story of a botanist who is needing to grow more food due to a food shortage. You can see the performance expectations and each of the three-dimensional aspects of the standard that it addresses.

Learn more about how to use Storylines in your classroom.

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