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How do I assign content to my students?
How do I assign content to my students?
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Assigning content to a class or student in Tyto Online can be done in just a matter of a few clicks!

First, make sure you’re logged into the Learning Dashboard on Use the "Explore & Assign" selection from the left sidebar.

You can select a single module, or view a list of all available Modules by selecting "List Modules".


Select a Module to enter and view all its available content.

There are a few different types and categories of content you can assign to your students. If you'd like to read more about that, head to the Tyto Online Content Overview article!

For now, let's just go over in general how you'd assign some content to students. You'd explore the module and find something you want students to do, such as a Quest.

For example, here’s what happens when we click the “Abiotic and Biotic" Quest under Practice. This window will pop up:

On the left side, underneath the content's name is a short description about the content, and which NGSS standard it adheres to. On the right, you can click inside the box underneath “To Students Or Classes” to select which class or specific student you want to assign the content to from a dropdown box. You can also type to search.

You can assign content to multiple students at the same time, and even to other classes simultaneously, too!

Once done, you can choose to queue the content to be assigned on a certain date.

Finally, whenever you are satisfied with the timing and students/classes the content is assigned to, click “Save Assignments" and the quest will be assigned!

You can go to the Calendar to see the assignments you created and manage them.


What happens if I assign a quest to a class, and then a student joins the class later?

The new student will automatically get all the assignments within two weeks.

Assignments that were queued on a date that is 14 or more days prior to the enrollment will not be automatically assigned.

What does assigning a sandbox-unlock quest mean?

Sandboxes can be automatically unlocked as a student learns enough knowledge that is needed for the sandbox.

Assigning a sandbox-unlock quest would prompt the student to do a quest that introduces the sandbox, which would unlock the sandbox upon completion.

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