First, make sure you’re logged into the Learning Dashboard on Use the "Explore & Assign" selection from the left sidebar to head to a Module, and then select the "Sandbox" tab to view the Sandbox from that Module (please note: not every Module has a Sandbox).


From there, you can read information about the Sandbox, and when you scroll down after the Features & Limitations section, you'll see the option to Assign Intro Quest.

Just like our normal assignment process, simply add Students or Classes, select a date and click the save button on the bottom.

This will assign a quick quest to the students to introduce them, depending on the Sandbox's design. For example, for Heredity, they'll be assigned to go find their first drakon eggs!

Upon completion of the intro quest, the sandbox would be unlocked. We also give them some extra Research Points to use to unlock more species or hurry things along in the Sandbox. They'll continue to earn these as they play.

Sandbox Activities

Also note that the Sandbox Activities cannot be assigned. These are intended as ideas for you to use during instruction, and some include downloads to worksheets, graphic organizers, or other materials, but they are not assigned within the game itself. An educator can give them the worksheet/handout to keep students focused on the task at hand!

If you want to learn more about the types of content in Tyto Online, check this document out.

If you want to learn more about using Sandboxes in your classroom, read on here.

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