Yes! If teachers Import Classes from Google with a student account that's already part of another Tyto Online class, or if the student uses a class registration code, they can be part of multiple classes.

We priced Tyto Online per student to encourage this, too! Language Arts teachers are welcome to use quests with Argument Builders or other experiences for writing prompts, for example. Adding more teachers to the same students costs nothing additional.

So, what's the experience like for students?

When the student logs in at, they'll see a list of the classes they are part of. They cannot manage this, as only teachers can add or remove them or archive the classes.


When a student who is part of multiple classes goes to enter the Tyto Online game, they will be asked to choose a class they want to play under. This will change which students they can interact with (only students in that class) and which assigned content will be prompted. For example, if a student has assigned quests in both Period 1 and Period 6, if they log into Period 1's class, those assignments will prompt. The assignments in period 6 will wait until they log into that class.

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