Our overall approach to accessibility is to incorporate a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach, working to incorporate accessibility features into the base gameplay rather than through specialized choices. This is because many features are beneficial to a wide range of users and should be more widely available versus only if a user turns on a specific accessibility feature.

For example, we do not have a separate colorblind feature to turn on, but instead use a colorblind checking tool to ensure all our user interfaces are accessible for people with colorblindness. Tweaking the colors and interfaces in this way ensures optimal clarity for all users.

Here are some of the accessibility features and approaches we have currently taken with Tyto Online.


  • No repeated inputs like button-mashing or quick time events.

  • Interactive elements that require accuracy are (or become) stationary for easier clicking.

  • We do not require precise timing or twitch-based gameplay to progress.

  • Supports windowed mode on Windows and Mac, which allows overlaid virtual keyboard software.


  • Interactive tutorials.

  • Reminders of objectives available during gameplay

  • Instructions will not only be conveyed during dialogue, and are supported by reminders in the Quest Tracker during gameplay.

Visual and Hearing:

  • Colorblind-friendly interface choices.

  • Simple, clear language with clear text formatting.

  • Subtitles for all speech.

  • Separate volume controls for music vs. sound effects, etc.

  • Doesn't use differences between controller and camera movement, such as walk bobbing.

Because we are an installed piece of software, accessibility tools and features in web browsers will not work with Tyto Online. We are working to incorporate more accessibility features into the game and to find tools that will work with the game. We are using the Game Accessibility Guidelines site as a list of features to consider. If you have any specific requests or suggestions, please feel free to use the live chat or submit a ticket on the support site, as this will help us prioritize what to work on next.

Read our Accessibility Conformance Report for more details.

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