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Is Uniborn regulated?
Is Uniborn regulated?
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Uniborn is a platform and community. We do not offer investment, fund management, advisory, or tax services. Uniborn does not manage alternative investment funds or undertakings for the collective investment in transferable securities.

Uniborn OÜ is licensed by the Estonian FIU as Trust and Company Service provider, operating license FIU000420. This license enables Uniborn to provide the following services in accordance with § 8 of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act of Estonia:

1) foundation of a company or another legal person, including operations and steps related to the transfer of shareholding;

2) acting as an officer or management board member in a company, as a partner in a general partnership or in such a position in another legal person, as well as arrangement of assumption of such position by another person;

3) enabling use of the address of the seat or place of business, including granting the right to use the address as part of one’s contact details or for receiving mail as well as providing a company or another legal person, civil law partnership or a legal arrangement with services relating to the aforementioned;

4) acting as a trustee or a representative of a civil law partnership, community or legal arrangement, or the appointment of another person to such position;

5) acting as a representative of a shareholder of a public limited company or arrangement of the representation of a shareholder by another person, except in the case of companies whose securities have been listed in a regulated securities market and with respect to whom disclosure requirements complying with European Union legislation or equivalent international standards are applied.

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