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How UnionBase Will Help Your Union Grow
How UnionBase Will Help Your Union Grow

A brief article on how UnionBase is revolutionizing the labor movement and connecting workers to unions.

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What is UnionBase?

UnionBase is a revolutionary framework for how union leaders can connect to their membership and workers looking for a union. UnionBase is the best way to connect with your membership in a digital safe space as the first "global social networking platform for unions and union members, as well as a search engine through which to find unions.

Meeting 21st Century Expectations of Workers (Membership)

With people ordering food, products and dates online, the last industry to upgrade to the digital age is the Labor Movement. This has been catastrophic for workers since corporations have been quick to embrace technology as a way to disrupt and tamp down worker power. With the advent of UnionBase unions have a way to level the playing field, communicating directly with members in a secure union built network that encourages interaction and organizing.

Exclusively on UnionBase, unions are now able to take ownership of their profile (complete with union logo and information on your local union, state federation, joint council and international union) and make posts that can be either public or only viewable only to members of their union.  You can take a look at the UnionBase profile that posts labor movement news daily here.

Verify Your Union

The first step you can take as a union leader in becoming relevant to workers in the digital age is to sign up at, then contact us to sign up to be a "Verified Union" on UnionBase. Much like on Twitter and Facebook, this inspires confidence in your members and ensures that union profiles are owned and operated by union leadership and not an employer or outside entity.

Organize Internally Using UnionBase

Once you've verified your union, you can post messages to your union profile. Here's an example of a Verified Profile owned by Progressive Workers Union (PWU). You are only able to see messages that union leadership has made public. 

For PWU members who have signed up with UnionBase, they are able to see direct messages from their union, sign up for their own profile and receive in app, email and push notifications when their union leadership posts messages. 

This represents tremendous opportunity for union stewards, business agents and leadership who want to get messages to membership during bargaining, actions or when members do not attend meetings.  

Once your members have signed up for UnionBase you'll be able to share content with them and interact directly with membership without relying solely on email or phone calls. 

Organize Externally Using UnionBase

Workers reach out to UnionBase on the regular basis asking how they can join a union and which union they should join. We are a meeting place for workers to learn about unions and connect with union leadership. Once a group of new workers reaches out to UnionBase, they can use us as a tool to organize their co-workers privately without fear of employer intimidation and intrusion into private discussions about organizing.

To start organizing members of your union and bringing in new members with UnionBase verify your union by reaching out to us at

In Solidarity,

Larry Williams Jr.
UnionBase Founder

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