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Jeans size guide

When you shop for jeans, answers the questions, "How do I find my size?" and "Does unspun have plus sizes?"

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We don't have a size guide for our jeans. Because our jeans don’t come in sizes. 😎

Sizes can be arbitrary, and they don’t work for everybody. That's why we make pairs of jeans custom-fit for you. Any jeans you order from us will be made from your measurements.

Everybody with any body can order unspun jeans. Whether you're "petite" or "plus size" doesn’t affect the ability of our ND Fit engine to make you jeans that fit phenomenally.

All you need to do is take a scan on the unspun app clip or on the unspun app. 📲

We get that our approach is new. Learn more about taking a scan here, and feel free to email us at <> or chat with us here!

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