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Can I put my policy on hold when my car is out of commission?
Can I put my policy on hold when my car is out of commission?

A policy cannot be paused if the vehicle is not in use.

Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, you cannot pause or put a policy hold if you are not using your vehicle, you can only cancel an insurance policy if you purchased through upcover.

If you have made a claim and have no car in the interim, and have damage to your rental car, there may be cover for available for temporary car hire or replacement vehicle expenses for up to 30 days if you’ve selected this optional cover. You can check your policy schedule if this is the case.

If you have this cover, it’s important that the car is like for like to the car in your policy, and that you notify us so that we can inform the insurance partner about any new vehicle that you would be using. Our insurance partner will assist in responding to the claim. You can do this online at anytime.

Just answer a few simple questions and submit your claims form in minutes and it will be received by our insurance partner instantly who will be in touch with you to assist you with your claim.

If you wish to cancel your policy, please contact us on and we can assist you in processing your cancellation.

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