These settings are specific to the integration between Shopgoodwill and Lister. You can edit any of these settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen, scrolling to the “Channels” section, and clicking on Shopgoodwill.

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Default Title Transform

Order Import Settings

Default Shipping Destinations

Default Description Footer

Shopgoodwill Account Settings
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Default settings for pricing are automatically imported from Shopgoodwill but can be edited directly in Lister as well. If left blank, these must be filled out for each listing. Listing Strategies will override your default pricing settings.

  1. Default handling price- cost for handling, automatically added to shipping during checkout

  2. Default starting price - default starting price for auction-style listings

  3. Default shipping price - amount buyer pays for shipping

  4. Default bid increment - the amount by which a bid will be raised each time the current bid is outdone

  5. Default auction duration - number of days an auction lasts

  6. Default end times - The predetermined time when all Shopgoodwill auctions end. Relisting is immediate when left blank

    Operational tip: We advise setting defualt end times to early evening to allow as many buyers to view it as possible.

Lister Shopgoodwill Auction Settings


  • No Combine Shipping - disables the option to combine shipping for buyers purchasing multiple products within a 7 day period. All products listed in Lister will default to match this setting. Listers can also turn this off or on when posting or editing a product.

  • List Immediately - If disabled, all listings must be manually approved in the “Pending” tab of the Listing Manager. It is highly recommended to leave this checked on.

  • Auto Set Seller Private Description to SKU - applies seller private description to the product SKU. It is recommended to leave this checked. Seller Private Description can be changed when posting or editing a product.

  • Auction Start - Allows scheduling listings up to 15 days into the future

Image 1-20-2022 at 8.50 AM

Default Title Transform

This feature applies automated formatting rules to titles of all products listed to Shopgoodwill. The options are as follows:

  • To Title Case: transforms titles to title case

  • No Transform: no transformations applied

  • Uppercase: every title all uppercase

  • Lowercase: every title all lowercase

Order Import settings

This tells Lister what orders to import. We recommend importing all orders from Shopgoodwill.

  • Import All - Select this option for all orders will be imported to Lister regardless of how they were listed on the channel

  • Orders originating from Lister - Only imports orders of items that were listed via Lister and excludes any listed through other means

Default Shipping Destinations

For best results select the option matching the selection made in your Shopgoodwill

  • No International Shipments (US Only)

  • US & Canada

  • Will Ship Internationally

Default Description Footer

Text entered here will show at the bottom of every Shopgoodwill listing. This is ideal for standard disclaimers or information about your organization. Category-specific disclaimers, like jewelry or home electronics testing information, should be added to templates.

Shopgoodwill Account Settings

  • The details in this section power the integration between Lister and Shopgoodwill

  • This ensures parity between the two systems on listings, orders, and all of your account settings

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT make changes or updates to any of the fields in this section. If you need to make a change, please contact us at support@uprightlabs.com.

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