This article will outline troubleshooting steps for issues you may encounter setting up your bluetooth ring scanner.

Bluetooth Pairing Troubleshooting

If you have trouble pairing the scanner with the steps above, you can try forcing the device to pair using the manual.

Find the manual that came with the scanner, it should look something like this:

Navigate to the Pairing Mode Setting section of the manual and scan the "Bluetooth HID Pairing Mode Barcode" with your scanner.

At this point your scanner should be flashing, navigate to your bluetooth settings and select the device from the menu

Your scanner is now paired! Your app will now remember the scanner each time it's turned on.

Keyboard Not Showing Troubleshooting

Another scenario you may run into is not seeing a keyboard pop up once your ring scanner is connected.

To resolve this try pressing the button on your ring scanner twice. If your keyboard doesn't show up, navigate to the "Pull up and Hide Keyboard" section of your manual and scan the barcode twice.

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