Upright Link is Link is the iOS app for Upright Lister that is an integral part of a barcode-optimized workflow. This article outlines what iOS devices are supported and recommended equipment to increase productivity while using Link.

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Supported iOS Devices

How to Check Your iOS Version

Recommended Bluetooth Scanners

Other Optional Peripherals

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Supported iOS Devices

Upright Link can run on any iOS device capable of running iOS 13+.

  • We recommend purchasing on Apple, if available, as it comes with a 1 year warranty. Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon are suitable alternatives.

  • We recommend newer versions of the iPhone for photography, as they will take better quality pictures.

How to Check Your iOS Version and Device Model

  1. Tap “Settings from your device home screen

  2. Scroll down and tap “Settings”

  3. Tap “General”

  4. Tap “About”

    • iOS software version, device model name, and model number are listed at the top of the screen

Recommended Ring Bluetooth Scanners

Ring Scanners connect to Link via Bluetooth and significantly increase the speed in scanning barcodes vs. using the built-in camera of your iOS device. Ring barcode scanners do not need time to register a scan, unlike the built-in iOS camera scanner, which needs time to focus and bright light to read barcodes.

We recommend one of the following scanners for each device running Link

  • Eyoyo 1D Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner (recommended) - Amazon

  • Upgraded Eyoyo 1D Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner Bluetooth - Amazon

Right: Upgraded Eyoyo 1D Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner. Left: Eyoyo 1D Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner

Other Optional Peripherals

  • A phone case for all devices to protect from drops/fall damage

  • A wrist band device holder for hands-free operation in inventory

  • A tripod and Bluetooth remote shutter for fashion/clothing photography

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