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How to Mark Manifests as In Transit or Missing (for Drivers)
How to Mark Manifests as In Transit or Missing (for Drivers)

Guide for transportation teams in using Lister and Link to transport shipments from stores to e-commerce

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Manifest statuses are designed to give visibility on where a manifest is in the process of transportation from stores to e-commerce.

This guide walks through how transportation teams can use Lister and Link to update manifests to “In Transit” or “Missing” and see where shipments are in the supply chain.

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Lister and Link Overview

Lister and Link empower stores and e-commerce teams to sell products online. Transportation teams can use either Lister (the website) or Link (the iOS app) to update store and e-commerce teams that the products are on the way to e-commerce.

How to Log In to Lister and Link

After an e-commerce admin has created a user account for a driver, they can log in to Lister by entering their username and password on The same username and password can be used to log in to Link, the iOS companion app to Lister.

Lister Login Screen

Link Login Screen

Manifest Statuses

A manifest is a digital list of items from a store being sent to e-commerce to sell online. Each manifest has a status that represents where it is in the supply chain as it progresses from stores to being listed online.

  • Created: Represents a manifest that has been started but may not be ready for transfer to e-commerce

  • Ready for Pickup: Used by store teams to indicate that the manifest is ready to be shipped to e-commerce for processing

  • In Transit: Indicates the manifest has been collected by the transportation team and is on the way to e-commerce

  • Received: Used by e-commerce teams to indicate that the manifest has arrived at the facility

  • Missing: If a manifest can’t be found, stores, drivers, or e-commerce can mark the manifest as missing to help with loss prevention investigations

  • Partially Processed: A manifest received by e-commerce and being inspected

  • Processed: A manifest that has been fully inspected by e-commerce

Options for Scanning Manifests

When a store is ready to transfer manifests to e-commerce, they update the status to “Ready for Pickup” and can print either a manifest sheet, manifest barcode, or manifest scan form. These can be scanned with an iOS device to change manifest statuses to “In Transit.”

Manifest Sheets

  • Manifest sheets are a printed list of every item in a container being transferred to e-commerce

  • The top right corner of the manifest sheet has a Manifest barcode that transportation teams can scan to update the status of the manifest to “In Transit”

Manifest Barcodes

  • Stores with a label printer can print just the manifest barcode from the manifest sheet on a 1-1/8" x 3-1/2" label

Manifest Scan Forms

  • Manifest scan sheets are printed sheets that transportation teams can use to bulk update the status of multiple manifests from "Ready for Pickup" to "In Transit"

  • The top of a manifest scan form has a “Quick Scan” barcode that controls the status of all related manifests on the printout

Video Guide: Using Lister to Update Manifest Statuses

How to Update Manifests to “In Transit” or “Missing” Using Lister

  1. Use the status filter to show “Ready for Pickup” manifests

  2. Use the supplier filter to show only manifests from the origin store

  3. Select the checkbox in the left column next to each container being transferred or the top checkbox to select all manifests

  4. Click “Mark in Transit”

    • If a container can’t be found at pickup, select the checkbox next to the manifest and click “Mark Missing”

Video Guide: Using Link to Update Manifest Statuses

How to Update Manifests to “In Transit” Using Link

Depending on how stores have labeled the manifests, you may be able to scan the manifest with Link to update the status. This section will walk through how to scan a manifest barcode with Link.

Scanning (No Bluetooth Scanner):

  • Log in to the Link iOS app

  • Tap “Pick Up Manifests” to open the manifest scanner

  • Tap the blue “Scan icon” to open the camera app

    • Align the manifest barcode in the camera to automatically scan the manifest barcode or manifest scan from

    • A green box will pop up once the scan is recorded and update the manifests to “In Transit”

    • Once you have finished scanning, tap the back arrow at the top right of the screen to go back home page

Scanning with a Bluetooth scanner:

  • If you have a compatible Ring scanner, you can use the scanner instead of the camera app to update the manifest status

  • Log in to the Link iOS app

  • Tap “Pick Up Manifests” to open the manifest scanner

  • Hold the ring scanner button to scan the Manifest Barcode or the top barcode on a Manifest Scan From

Manual Search

Some stores may use other means of labeling totes or containers like serial numbers or a paper label. In these cases, you can search for specific manifests in Link, if desired.

  • Log in to the Link iOS app

  • Tap “Pick Up Manifests”

  • Click the search icon in the top right corner

  • Search by the manifest barcode id

  • Update the status

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