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The urbanest Booking Process
The urbanest Booking Process
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Step 1: Find your Room

Use our live availability search to find your perfect place:

You must select one or more of our central London properties to conduct a search.

Don't know which location best suits? Send us a message using the orange widget and we'll be happy to help!

Studying at LSE? If you are studying at the London School of Economics, you can either book directly with us using this method or you can book via the LSE Student Accommodation Portal.

Room Details

You can then see more details and pictures of available rooms by clicking on the green 'Details' button on any search result:


Finally, when you're ready to book, you'll be presented with a property offer to review:

Kindly note that the room preferences listed are only preferences and cannot be guaranteed as all rooms are self-selection. This effectively means that we (urbanest) predefine room preferences at the start of the booking cycle, but students can select any room.

Our priority is to offer a living experience that strives to provide a living experience providing compatibility between flatmates, and we reserve the right to offer appropriate room moves to ensure all individuals are comfortable in their stay with us. We will try to meet your preferences where we can, but we can't guarantee this as it is dependent on current availability. With our single-sex allocated accommodation, we will look to offer based on the gender you identify with.

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Step 2: The booking

If you already have an account with urbanest, you should sign in with your username and password on this page. If you don't have an account, please hit the orange button

⚠️ When creating a new account, always use the e-mail address of the Tenant (not parent/guardian) and we recommend that you use a permanent e-mail address (not school/university).

Your Details

Please complete the first page with the details of the Tenant carefully

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Step 4: Tenancy Payments

On this page, select your preferred payment plan; you can typically pay:

- In 10-installments

- In 3-installments

We do not charge any more or offer any discounts for either option, to ensure fairness to all of our students regardless of their circumstances.

For more information on rent payments, check out this article.

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Step 5: Your Guarantor

On this page, please enter your guarantor's e-mail address.

⚠️ You need a third-party such as your parent or guardian to act as your guarantor; you cannot be your own guarantor. We need proof of their identity and home address after your booking has been confirmed.

If your guarantor is already on our system, you will be able to proceed to the Tenancy Agreement. If they are not, you will need to complete their details.

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Step 6: Your Tenancy Agreement

On this page, you will be presented with your tenancy contract. Please ensure you have read and understood this before accepting as it is a legally binding agreement.

➡️ Once you are satisfied with the contract, you should click 'I accept' and then 'Sign' to proceed to...

Sign 7: The Payment

On this page, you need to pay the equivalent to one-week's rental (or the full amount if you have selected this).

Card Payment

If you select card payment, you can pay by Mastercard or Visa. Please note that this card must be registered to the named Tenant and the billing address must match the Tenant's home address as listed on the Tenancy Agreement.

Once the payment has been made by card, the booking is confirmed and our cancellation policy is activated.

Bank Transfer

If you select bank transfer, you can click on the green button to get our international bank details e-mailed to you. You won't be able to proceed until we have received the payment, and you can come back to this page at any time to change your payment method to payment card and secure your booking immediately.

Once the payment has been received, the booking is confirmed and our cancellation policy is activated.

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