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News - How to send your first memo - PM
News - How to send your first memo - PM

In this article, we will go through how to create and send your first memo to your residents.

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Sending memos to your residents is a big part of how Usewalter makes connecting with your residents simple and smooth. This article will explain the features and process of sending memos to your residents.


  • Multiple ways to receive memos (SMS, Email, or App Notification)

  • Each resident can decide which method they prefer to receive memos

  • Each memo gives statistics about delivery and whether or not it has been read

  • Can see which posts have been read by each resident

  • Can decide which residents the memo is distributed to specifically

  • For important and critical memos, you can force the memo to be sent by SMS or Email

  • Text Formatting

  • Add attachments to your memo


  1. Open the Usewalter dashboard

  2. Select the building you would like to send a memo to

  3. Select the news tab

4. Click the 'create post' button

5. Choose the type of post called 'Memo'

6. Upload an image cover (optional)

7. Choose a title

8. Write the content of your message

9. Choose which group the memo will be distributed to

10. Send the preview email to yourself message

11. Choose the send options and send the memo!

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