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Here's a short two-minute video to show you what you can do with the Files section.

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The files section is a virtual storage section on the Usewalter platform for documents and files that are to be shared with residents and Usewalter users. This article will go through the features and process of uploading/sharing files through the files section on Usewalter.


  • Create folders and sub-folders to organize the file space

  • Decide which residents and Usewalter users have access to certain folders and files

  • Unlimited storage space ( No maximum amount of files)

  • Maximum file size of up to 20 megabytes

How to

  1. Open the Usewalter dashboard

  2. Choose the building you would like to manage

  3. Click on the 'Files' tab

Creating folders & sub-folders

  1. Click on the 'Create folder' button

2. Decide on a name for the folder

3. If the folder is to be a sub-folder, then choose a parent folder

4. Select which group(s) will have access to this folder

Uploading files

  1. Click on the folder you would like to upload the file to

  2. Click the 'Add file(s)' button

3. Decide on a name for the file

4. Click the '+ Upload' button to select the file

5. Click the 'Create' button

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