Step 1 - Allow the transfer for your management company

In Condo Manager, go here: Configuration > Global Settings > Web Tab

Under the Web Tab

  • Set the web site service provider to "My Usewalter"

Step 2 - Allow the transfer for a specific project/building

*IMPORTANT NOTE : please do this step for each and every building/project you are adding to Walter

In Condo Manager, go here:Open Corporation > "Choose the Corporation you want to add to Usewalter" > Information > Corporation > Other Tab

Under the Other Tab

  • Check the box "this corporation's data must be published on the web"

  • In the "web site services provider for this corporation" section - select My Usewalter in the dropdown list

  • Click on "Save"

By completing these steps, the API key (the key with which the 2 platforms communicate, will automatically be sent to Walter to create your account.

Please make sure to advise your account manager when these steps are made

If you have other corporations that need to be published on My Usewalter, open the other corporation in Condo Manager and repeat the first steps until all the corporations are properly set up

To stop a corporation from being published - uncheck the "this corporation's data must be published on the web" box

You should never have to change the settings on the page unless you don't manage the corporation anymore OR My Usewalter/Condo Manager advise you to change them

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