Condo Manager API key - Automatic Sync

Here is how you can link your Condo Manager and Walter platforms together for automatic syncs.

Written by Stéphanie Clement
Updated over a week ago

Condo Manager and Usewalter are now able to do automatic and on demand syncs. These syncs will happen everyday to make sure all your information is up to date!

How do I connect my accounts?

All projects > Settings > Condo Manager

To connect your Condo Manager to Usewalter, you must get your Condo Manager API key and enter under the "Condo Manager API Key" section. If the key is already entered, this step does not need to be done! 👇

Once your API key is entered and you are connected, it will:

  1. Automate the sync between Condo Manager and Walter every night at 11pm

  2. Give you the possibility to sync Condo Manager and Usewalter on demand

How to sync Condo Manager and Usewalter on demand?

Once the Condo Manager API Key is saved to your management company, you will have 2 options:

  1. Sync all projects at the same time

2. Sync individual projects

  • Go in the desired project and click the "Third Party Data" tab

  • Click on Sync data

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