Q: After I sent a memo, the delivered status stays at 0 for quite a while. Is the memo being sent to the residents?

A: Usewalter uses a third party provider called Twilio and Sendgrid. These third party providers take the memo you have created in Usewalter and send them to the residents and/or group.

There are 3 steps:

  • Sent

  • Delivered

  • Seen

In Usewalter, we show the last 2 parts - Delivered and Seen.

We get this information back from our providers and put them on Usewalter for you to better understand

It is important to note that although the messages are not delivered, it does not mean it hasn't been sent. Messages with a lot of attachments can take time to be delivered as they need to go through a third party before being delivered.

This being said, you should always let a Usewalter representative if you are worried that a message has not been delivered.

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