Q1: Does the information in between Hopem and Usewalter get transferred both ways?

A1: NO, Usewalter pulls the information from Hopem but Usewalter does not push information to Hopem.

This means that changes made in Usewalter will only be saved until the next synchronization between the two platforms.

Note that it is strongly recommended to not allow your residents to make changes to their account because of this.

Best Practice: To ensure that information regarding residents is always accurate, make the changes in Hopem and initiate a sync between the two platforms.

Q2: How often does the information in between Hopem and Usewalter get updated?

A2: The data gets updated with an interval of minimum 6 hours. Currently we check if there is new data every 24 hours.

Q3: Will all my buildings be imported in Usewalter or a customized selection?

A3: By default, when the integration is allowed - it will import all your buildings (called "projects" in Usewalter) in the Usewalter platform.

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