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Bookings - How to use the filters - PM

How can you use the filters to facilitate your search

Written by Stéphanie Clement
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How To

  • Booking Start On (00:08)

    By entering a date in this box, you are asking the system to show you reservations that were made after the specified date.

    Example: by entering June 2nd 2021, the system will show you all the reservations starting on June 2nd 2021 and every other date following.

  • Amenity (00:34)

    Choose the name of the amenity for which you want to see the reservations.

    Example: When you choose pool amenity, it will only show the reservations that were made for the pool.

  • Resident (00:55)

    Choose the name of the resident to see their reservations

    Example: By choosing the "Resident Owner 1", only the reservations for this resident will appear.

  • Status (01:22)

    Choose the status of the reservations you want the system to show

    Example: By choosing "Cancelled", only the cancelled reservations will appear.

  • Show bookings with shared projects (02:19)

    If you have amenities that are shared between projects, you can allow them to appear in the reservations view

    Example: two of the properties we manage share the same amenities, by clicking on the filter, i can see reservations from both properties without having to change property in usewalter.

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