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Let your residents self-serve and find their own answers

Written by Stéphanie Clement
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This feature lets you create articles that answer questions residents frequently ask. It is also linked with your chat, giving you the possibility to answer questions of by attaching and FAQ article to your chat response. Spend less time answering the same questions!

How To

  1. Go to the Usewalter dashboard

  2. Click on the FAQ tab

  3. Click on Create an Article

  4. Select the projects/buildings in which you want to share the article

  5. Select the author of the FAQ article

  6. Select the state of the article
    - Draft: will not be shown to the residents
    - Published: active and showing to the residents
    - Archive: not relevant anymore and will not be shown to the residents

  7. Write the question that residents usually ask, this will act as a title.

  8. Write the answer to the question in the body

  9. Click on Create

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