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Here is how to understand the booking options

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NOTE: Only once you have chosen your reservation type, you can add booking options

How To

  • Booking options (00:04)

Click on the + icon beside the booking options to start entering the booking options

  • Project group (00:50)

Decide which project and group will have access to the amenity

  • Time required between each booking (01:12)

Choose the amount of time that the amenity cannot be booked before and after another booking.

Example: After each gym booking, I want a 15 minute buffer before somone else can reserve it so I can clean the equipment.

  • Resident can book X in advance (01:22)

Decide to which extent a resident can reserve the amenity in advance

Example: I want to limit my residents to reserve the Gym to 14 days in advance because I do not want them reserving the amenity in 3 months time, forget to cancel and never show up.

  • Resident need to book X in advance (01:33)

Decide how long in advance the resident needs to book an amenity

Example: If I enter 2 hours in this box, the resident that wants to book for 10am, needs to put in his reservation before 8am.

  • Resident can book once every (01:48)

Decide the interval in which your residents can book the amenity

Example: If I enter 2 days in the box, the resident will only be able to book this amenity every 2 days.

  • Usage duration (02:02)

Decide the amount lenght of the timeslots a resident can book

Example: I enter 1 hour and 2 hours in the box for my Gym, the residents will then have the choice to book the Gym for either 1 hour or 2 hour timeslots.

  • New time slots starts every (02:14)

Decide the interval in which the residents will see their timeslots

Example: If you enter 15 minutes in the box and the "usage duration" is set to 1 hour, residents will have the possibility to reserve 1 hour timeslots every 15 minutes.

Best Practice: If you put 1 hour in "usage duration", enter 1 hour in "New time slots starts every"

  • Requires staff approval (02:31)

By checking this box, you will restrict all reservations from being made automatically. They will all go to the "pending" status until a manager approves it. It will then move to the "confirmed" status

  • Allow multiple bookings at the same time (02:50)

Decide how many residents can be in the amenity at the same time.

By checking this box, two more boxes will appear to give further customization

  • "Maximum number of residents at the same time"

    Example: If you choose the number 4, the total of residents allowed in the amenity at the same time is 4.

  • "Maximum residents per booking"

    Example: If you choose 2, a resident will be allowed to book for himself as well as another person in his unit at the same time.

  • Business hour (03:29)

Choose the schedule for your amenity. Click on "is closed" if you want the amenity to be closed for the whole day.

  • Shared with Project (00:28)

If the amenity for 2 different condo projects/buildings, you can link them here.

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