• The ability to send the proxy message as SMS

  • The ability to select a date that the message will automatically be a sent on

  • Can set a meeting location, date, and time

  • Can see which residents have seen your proxy

  • Text Formatting

  • Can attach files to the proxy


  1. Open the Usewalter dashboard

  2. Select the building you would like to manage

  3. Select the news tab

  4. Click the 'create post' button

5. Choose the type of post called 'Proxy'

6. Choose which project(s) to send the proxy to

7. Choose the date, time, and location

8. Write/edit the content of your message

9. Attach file(s) (optional)

10. Click the next button

11. Choose whether or not to send the proxy as an SMS

12.Decide either to send the proxy immediately or a specific date

13. Send the proxy

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