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Here is how you can use the tools in your chatbox

Written by Stéphanie Clement
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Once you open the chat with a resident, unit or group, you will have several options available to you in the chatbox.

Direct Message:


Send a direct message to the resident, unit or group.

Tag a Coworker

  • Click on the "notes" section of the chat box

  • Write an "@" sign in the chat box

  • Write and choose your coworkers name

  • Enter a message for them in the chat box

  • Send!

Share a File


By clicking on the trombone icon, you can share files from your computer directly in the chat.

Share Saved Replies


Click on the arrow icon to see your saved replies and answer your residents with 2 clicks.

Share More


Click on the "..." in the chat box to share items from Usewalter such as past news posts, tasks, files, FAQs, contacts and events.

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