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Community staff can/container ordering for residents.
Community staff can/container ordering for residents.
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I am community manager. How do I order a new/replacement container for a resident? Obtaining new containers or replacing your residents' current containers is as easy as the click of a button!

  • Login to MyValet:

  • Select the "Service Requests" tab

  • Select "Create New Service Request"

  • Choose request type “Containers” container type, and quantity needed.

  • Click "Submit"

Your maintenance team also may have containers in stock – a good rule of thumb is to inquire with maintenance first. It is always a good idea to keep a few extra containers in stock! But, if you need assistance – a request can always be placed directly with a your onsite service team member.

If there are any issues or questions, please reach out to our Valet Living support team or at 877-574-2587.


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