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How Verifent Works - Employee Communication
How Verifent Works - Employee Communication

Instructions for an Employee Needing an Employment or Income Verification...NOT an Experience Verification

Updated over a week ago

As an Employee, there is NOTHING you need to do on the Verifent platform to have your employment or income verified. You DO NOT need to register for a Verifent account. As an Employee you are unable to make your own employment or income verification request.

The only action needed from you is to direct your Verifier (Bank, Mortgage Company, Property Management, Government Agency, etc…) to visit to Verifent where they can make the request.

Here is a Summary of how Verifent works:

1. Employee provides consent to the Verifier when applying for a loan, benefit or credit that requires proof of employment and/or income and instructs the Verifier to visit Verifent.

2. The credentialed Verifier, having obtained consumer consent, declares a valid Permissible Purpose, and submits the request through Verifent’s online portal.

3. The Employee's Employer (or former Employer) completes the request.

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