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Adding a User to an Account
Adding a User to an Account

How to add a user to an account

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First, log in to your account.

Next, click on the "Users" tab on the left side toolbar.

Then, click the "Green Plus" icon.

A row will drop down. Enter the requested information. Click the "Add" button.

Once the user has been added, you can now choose what role they should have. The default role given to all added users is a "Standard User."

Option 1: Admin (Full access to the platform)

Option 2: Standard User (Limited access to the platform)

To change roles of a Standard User. Click on the "One Person" icon. A pop-up message will ask if to confirm this change. Click "Ok." You will know their role changed to Admin because the icon will now be "Three People."

Important Note: The new user will receive an email with their username and temporary password.

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