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Confidence Icons and AI Predictions
Confidence Icons and AI Predictions

Understand confidence icons, prediction tables, and navigate AI predictions

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Learn how displays the AI predictions, with consistent and colorful iconography to review them at a glance or when examining it more deeply, allowing you to pinpoint which predictions require human perception and confirmation.

Predicted Fields

Your AI makes predictions for almost all invoice fields, and we do so in two ways, with a Confidence Indicator and a Prediction table. Some of these fields are:

  1. Vendor

  2. Invoice Number

  3. Invoice Date

  4. Payment Terms

  5. Invoice Due Date

  6. General Ledger Accounts or GL Accounts (sometimes called Cost Accounts)

  7. Dimensions (like Class, Customer, Job, Project, Location, and Department among others)

Confidence Indicator

All fields predicted by have a confidence icon. This icon is color-coded so you can rapidly understand the AI’s confidence in a prediction, which range from 0 - 1.
Green: Confidence score > .80
Yellow: Confidence score between .40 and .80
Red: Confidence score < .40

Prediction Table and Confidence Scores

Up to three values will be predicted, and each AI prediction will have a confidence score. Confidence scores range from 0 - 1, made in .01 increments. The closer to 1, the more confident the AI is that that this is the correct value. The closer to 0, the less confident the AI is in the prediction.

Confidence scores can also appear when the AI determines a field should not have a value.

Navigating Predicted Values

If you use the up/down arrows to navigate the predictions, will show where the prediction is on the image preview. We'll shift the document for you as you scroll through predictions!

If a prediction is correct, select it. If none of the predictions are correct, you can enter the correct value yourself.

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